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Who We Are

Securing admission into a University is one thing, paying bills and living the life you deserve is another thing. Your family has provided for you thus far and we are quite sure you don’t want to burden them with financial problems when you are “in the abroad”.

At TravelMonster, we realize that studying abroad can come at seemingly too high a cost. We understand that you have always pondered on the financial implication of a decision to get better education vis-a-vis the value/benefits. We present you with a unique opportunity to self-fund your tuition; Yes! You can work, earn and cater for your tuition and living expenses. We will guide all the way to get your first job and put you on the path to a financially independent life.

Now, you have an option with a significantly higher success rate than scholarships/assistantships.


Qualified Team

We sort out all your travel processes.

Admission Processing

We help you gain admission to a university.

Employment Opportunities

We get you exposed to employment opportunities.



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