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Canada Permanent Resident Visa Application

We help provide the easiest and fastest ways to settle in Canada with immigration routes like; Express Entry Program, Family Class program, Federal Skilled Workers Program, Provincial Nominee Program, Canadian Experience class program, Quebec Experience class program.

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We provide our guest with visa application guidelines which will enable them to gain entry into any country of their choice for visitation purposes. In these countries, we ensure that you have access to as many activities as possible depending on your interests. If you are interested in Safaris, hiking and going off the beaten path, we have got something for you and if you are an adrenaline junkie looking to have a feel of zip-lining, paragliding, and jet skiing, we have travel packages for you too. Whatever your vacation idea is, be rest assured that Travelmonster will help you create a memorable experience.

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Retreats and Conferences

Corporate travel can be a tasking assignment for an organization to execute as you need to arrange for flights for different individuals, arrange accommodation, provide transportation and curate leisure activities for your members of staff. All these responsibilities and more are what Travelmonster has vast experience in. We help your organization select the best spots for your conferences and retreats that ensures that not only knowledge is gained during the trip but sees to it that your members of staff partake in team bonding leisure activities which guarantees better performance at work.

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Child Birth

Maybe it is your desire to set up your child with second citizenship, giving birth to your child in the country of your choice is one of the best ways you can do this. A second citizenship will provide more opportunities for your child as he or she grows. Apart from enjoying citizens’ benefits in the country of birth, it will it easier for the child to migrate from one country to another with little or no hassles. Are you are thinking of how you will go about this? Travelmonster will help you organize your trip, work with you to select the hospital of choice and guide you through all the processes before and after the birth of your child.

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