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At TravelMonster, you can be rest assured of the professional support that comes with our services. We have built working relationships with our affiliate schools over the years, enabling us to offer prospective students a speedy application process into any of our top affiliate institutions.

  • We Schedule an appointment with TravelMonster expert staff

    We place a call to know more about your travel needs and expectations. We let you know what package best meets your requirements. Getting to talk to experienced TravelMonster counselor will allow you to discuss your options and choose the right fit for you. Get Free Counselling

  • Apply for admissions

    Once you have decided on your university choice(s), your counselor will ask you to provide the necessary documents to apply for admissions.
    Apply Now!!

  • Take Job Placement test (Optional)

    Upon receipt of your university-issued offer letter, you will be required to take our assessments to test your eligibility for our employment positions in Canada/U.S. A range of opportunities are available and will be suggested based on your performance.
    Take Job Placement Test

  • Apply for your visa

    Our counselors are trained to give you expert advice on the visa process. Our seamless process prepares your applications and gets you ready for your Visa Interview.

  • Prepare for your overseas studies/Orientation

    Now that your travel documents are all set, you will need to start making preparations for living abroad. This includes booking accommodation, understanding the different clime, time difference. TravelMonster staff can assist you throughout and will hold pre-departure briefings for students.

  • Arrival and processing of work documents

    Our team welcomes you. They will take care of all essential tasks like; getting you approved to work, opening a bank account and so on.

  • Work commencement

    As soon as you are fully settled, and good to go, work begins. Now, you start earning and living the dream.

Admission Processing

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